Drug Addiction Signs

There are a number of signs that can point to the existence of substance abuse or addiction. It is important to remember that while these symptoms often coincide with substance abuse, they can also be caused by any number of things include physiological illness and mental illness. The presence of one or more of these symptoms should not be regarded as being a conclusive of substance addiction. Rather, these signs should be treated as potential clues.

Change in weight

Drugs will often impact the user’s appetite or influence their activity levels (either elevated activity or lethargy). For instance, marijuana has been known to stimulate the appetite of users while amphetamines have been known to suppress appetite. Over time these side effects have the possibility of changing

Changes in Activity levels

Drugs can either make an individual more lethargic, less motivated, or they can imbue the user with brief bursts of energy characterized by uncharacteristic hyperactivity. A sudden shift from one mode of behavior to a completely different and uncharacteristic one is a very common sign of substance abuse.

Other signs of substance abuse include

  • Needle marks and bruises
  • Sudden change in associates
  • lack of interest in previously enjoyable pursuits
  • Decline in school and/or work performance
  • Decreased motivation, increased lethargy
  • anger an tantrums
  • paranoia¬†
  • The smell of a¬†substance on their body or breathe
  • bloodshot eyes


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