Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment involves a patient travelling to a residential facility where they will have support throughout the day. Advocates of this form of treatment argue that removing an individual struggling from addiction from the surroundings that contributed to their addiction (such as friends, drug dealers, drug paraphernalia etc) will help them break from old habits and form new, beneficial ones.




There are two broad categories of inpatient treatment:

  1. Short-term Inpatient Treatment
  2. Long-term Inpatient Treatment

Short-term Inpatient Treatment and Long Term

Short-term inpatient treatment programs will typically host the individual seeking treatment for up to 30 days. Although these treatment programs can take place in a hospital or a similar, clinical setting, the treatment can also take place in a residential setting. The ideal setting is one that combines the best of both worlds: a residential setting that has services present in medical facilities such as medically supervised detox.

Hospital -like facilities are generally not equipped for long term care, so long term care will require a residential setting.



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