Signs of depression during pregnancy

When women are pregnant, there are lots of things to expect from them. For instance, the appetite and eating habits of pregnant women differ across boards. There will also be differences in behaviors, mannerisms, etc.

One of the common things that pregnant women experience is depression. Depression is a mental health condition that negatively affects a person’s emotional state. When depression is in place, you will start feeling disconnection, sadness, etc.

Here are some of the signs that you are depressed as a pregnant woman

  • Suicidal thoughts

Emotions can be sometimes unstable for pregnant women, and thoughts of committing suicide can cross their minds. Therefore, when suicidal thoughts regularly cross your mind, it means that you are depressed, and you need to seek help.

  • Depressed mood for a long time

If you discover that it is difficult to have a happy mood, you might be battling mild depression. Observe your mood and see how often it changes.

  • Feeling of guilt

When you discover to feel guilty for no reason, you might be depressed. You can know if this is depression when you are certain that you’ve done nothing to warrant the guilt feelings. Similarly, you might also feel worthless and hopeless even when you are doing fine.

  • Difficulty in making decisions

Are you feeling indecisive regularly? You discover that it is hard to make crucial decisions and you end up switching plans for one another. This is a clear sign of depression because you are unable to keep a clear head which prevents you from making decisions.

  • Losing interest in most activities

Another sign of depression in pregnant women is when they don’t feel like participating in many activities because of a lack of interest. This minute they might be enthusiastic about something and the next minute they don’t feel like doing anything.

Apart from the symptoms mentioned in this article, there are other signs of depression during pregnancy. Therefore, if you are experiencing these signs and they are hard for you to handle, kindly see a therapist or counselor.

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